Piglet floors

Plastic piglet grid manufactured from Polypropylene. This piglet grid is available in different sizes and can be combined with cast-iron grids, or with closed grids as well as heated piglet grids.

It has been demonstrated that this profile allows dung to pass through easily and also provides excellent grip. The flat top surface of the floor makes it animal-friendly for the piglets to walk around on.

Other productgroups:

Open grid

This plastic piglet grid, manufactured from Polypropylene, is designed with a flat top surface that is ideal for piglets to walk around on. Furthermore, it allows dung to pass through easily.
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Closed grid

The design of this closed grid makes it ideal for piglets and the use of Polypropylene makes it highly resistant to bacterial growth and very easy to clean.

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Triangular grid

The proven benefits of the triangular grid have become evident during many years of use. This grid is available in different types and in all desired sizes.
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Heating elements

This plastic heating element has an extremely uniform heat distribution since it is filled with water. This water is heated by a circulation system with a low supply temperature.
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